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In an unprecedented effort, Sonoma Valley’s organizations—governments, businesses, and nonprofits—can come together to recruit younger volunteers and meet our community’s needs.

Led by the Sonoma Ecology Center and Sonoma Valley Collaborative (formerly Sustainable Sonoma), in partnership with the City of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley Food Security Task Force, Sonoma Valley Volunteers was launched to help match community organizations with volunteers to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Sonoma Valley Volunteers will be regularly updated with new volunteer opportunities.

“When we work together, we accomplish far more. Sonoma Valley organizations have experience in serving our community during disasters. While the length of this pandemic is unknown, the commitment to our community is certain. Together, we can flatten the curve, inspire a new generation of volunteers, and ensure that the needs of our non-profits are taken care of”.

— Logan Harvey, Former Mayor of the City of Sonoma


“We at Sonoma Valley Hospital are very grateful for our Sonoma Valley Volunteer heroes and their dedication, determination, and selfless acts of kindness during such unprecedented times. Without this assistance, we could not have staffed the initial testing and vaccinations clinics for Sonoma Valley. Invaluable efforts and great accomplishments were achieved by our amazing volunteers.”

— Celia Kruse de la Rosa, Sonoma Valley Hospital