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For Immediate Release: March 23, 2020

Sonoma Valley Leaders launching effort to ensure all residents are Food Secure during  COVID-19 pandemic


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Sonoma Valley needs a new volunteer force.

The majority of Sonoma Valley’s legendary volunteer force is 60+. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented community needs. While our community’s core volunteers shelter in place, Sonoma Valley’s service providers—governments, businesses, and nonprofits—must come together to recruit younger volunteers to safely meet our community’s evolving needs.

Join Sonoma Valley Volunteers, an unprecedented effort to connect novel volunteer opportunities with a new volunteer force.

Thanks to Sonoma Ecology Center and Sonoma Valley Collaborative (formerly Sustainable Sonoma), in partnership with the City of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley Food Security Task Force, Sonoma Valley Volunteers, community organizations and connect with volunteers to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 


Sonoma has been blessed with an extremely powerful, proud, and active community of experienced volunteers who serve many important roles in our major non-profits.

Unfortunately, in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of these volunteers are at higher risk and must shelter in place reserving their volunteer efforts to activities they can do from home.

Enter a website dedicated to the task of raising a new army of volunteers and finding important longer-distance roles for the more experienced members of our community who must, for the time being, shelter in place. is a portal where nonprofit organizations can list their volunteer opportunities and new volunteers can easily find ways to help in our community. And we need the help!

We need volunteers to deliver medicine and meals, build care packages, build web pages, drive people to appointments, and many other tasks!

Please check out today! It will update daily and new opportunities will constantly become available.